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We created this comprehensive video exclusively for AT&T employees to help walk you through the options available to you when retiring from AT&T. Watch the preview of our video below and complete the form to download the full 25-minute video!

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Why We Made This Video

We work with a lot of AT&T retirees and we know how many questions there can be when it comes to retirement planning. There can be a lot of complex decisions that have to be made that can factor into reaching your retirement goals. That's why we put our heart and soul into making this informative video that will help guide you down the right path to retirement!

AT&T 401(k) & Defined Benefit Pension Options

You've worked hard to save and build up your retirement income over the course of your career. When you transition into retirement, you have to figure out the best way to utilize these assets for income to replace your paycheck. Having the right strategies in place can help maximize your income in retirement.

Tax Implications

There are a lot of retirement decisions that can factor into how much you pay in taxes in retirement. The options you choose for your 401(k), defined benefit pension, and even your Social Security benefits, can affect your tax rates in retirement. We will help break down how these decisions work and what you can do to potentially minimize your taxes.

Case Studies

All of this information means nothing if you don't know how to use it. That's why we have put together several real-life case studies to illustrate how these decisions can impact your retirement. You'll learn how to put your plan into action.

About Quest Financial

Quest Financial works with employees of AT&T in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia and Texas area to help them to transition into retirement with success. Over the years we have created close and personal relationships with our clients. 


Downsizing, economic uncertainty, and feeling unprepared for retirement can present challenges for your financial strategy and it may take more than just market performance and simple investment strategies to provide you with the confidence you deserve for your retirement income stability. That’s why we are committed to showing our dedication by thoroughly understanding your needs and goals, and helping to keep you on the path to financial stability throughout your retirement. 

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